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Accidentally Locked Your Keys In The Car? No Problem!

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What To Do When You Locked Your Keys In The Car


Has this ever happened to you? You’re running late, in a hurry, and you get to the car, only to realize you’ve accidentally locked keys in the car. Now what? It’s an all-too-common occurrence that can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.

But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be a complete disaster! In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips for dealing with locked keys in the car and go through some ways you can open a locked car door so that if the worst should happen again, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Read on for all the advice you need when it comes to accidentally locking your keys in the car!


Things You Can Try When You Have Locked Keys In The Car


  1. Stay calm and assess the situation: Before you panic and rush to find a solution when you have locked keys in the car, take a few moments to assess the situation. Is it really the case that you can’t get into your car or is there another way to open a locked car door?
  2. Use a metal rod or coat hanger: If you don’t have any spare keys, this technique requires some know-how and patience. Just be careful not to damage the car as you try to open a locked car door with a thin metal rod or coat hanger.
  3. Try using a Slim Jim: This tool is designed specifically to open a locked car door and is available from most automotive stores online or offline. Be warned, though – it’s not always easy to use and you could end up damaging the door or lock if you’re not careful.
  4. Use a credit card: This isn’t recommended if your car has power locks but can sometimes work on older cars with manual locks when you have locked keys in the car. As with other methods, this will only work if the gap between the frame and window is big enough for the card to slide into! 
  5. Contact your roadside assistance provider: If you have a membership with an auto club or insurance company, they should be able to provide you with emergency access to the car. This may not always be free, so make sure you check the details of your policy first.
  6. Ask a friend or family member who has a spare key: If you can get in touch with someone who has a spare set of keys, they may be able to help – just make sure to provide them with your exact location and the car’s registration number.
  7. Try to break in: As a last resort when you have locked keys in the car, you could attempt to break into your own car. This is illegal and we don’t recommend it – but if all else fails, it may be your only option!
  8. Call Locksmith Atlanta: This should always be your first option if you can’t get into your car without causing any damage. A skilled locksmith from Locksmith Atlanta will be able to unlock the door quickly and safely.


Getting locked out of your car can be an incredibly frustrating experience – but it doesn’t have to be an emergency! There are plenty of things you can try when you have locked keys in the car and it comes to opening a locked car door before having to call a locksmith. We hope that you never find yourself locked out of your car again. But just remember – if it does happen and you can’t manage to get back in, Locksmith Atlanta is available 24/7.


Preventive Measures For Future Incidents


  1. Make sure to check your pockets before exiting the vehicle: It’s easy to forget that you left your keys tucked away in the side pocket of a bag or coat – so always check for any missing items before locking up and leaving.
  2. Hang your keys on a hook near the door: This will make it easier for you to remember where your keys are, as well as deter any potential thieves from taking them!
  3. Invest in a keyless entry system: If you’re worried about forgetting your car keys, then investing in a keyless entry system could be the perfect solution. These systems allow you to unlock and start your car without having to use physical keys – plus they offer an extra layer of security.
  4. Hook your keys to a visible part of the car: If you’re going to leave your keys inside the car, then make sure they are securely attached to a part of the vehicle that is easy to spot from the outside – like the rearview mirror or sun visor.
  5. Keep a spare key in your wallet: This is the best way to make sure you never get locked out of your car again! Just remember to keep it somewhere safe and secure, like in a zippered pocket.


Nobody wants to be in a situation where they lock their keys inside their car – and thankfully, it doesn’t have to be an emergency! By taking some simple steps ahead of time and knowing what options are available if you ever do find yourself stuck, you can save yourself both time and money.


Accidentally Locked Your Keys In The Car? Call Locksmith Atlanta!


If the worst does happen and you find yourself on the wrong side of a locked car door, then remember – Locksmith Atlanta is here to help. We offer 24/7 automotive locksmith services in all areas of Atlanta, so you can rest assured that our experienced professionals will be able to get you back into your car as soon as possible.

We understand how stressful these situations can be, which is why we are committed to providing fast and reliable service whenever you need it. With our locksmith experts on standby, you can trust that we will have you back on the road in no time.

So next time you’re locked out of your car – don’t panic! Just give us a call and we’ll be there to help. Locksmith Atlanta – your one-stop shop for all your emergency locksmith needs!