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Residential Locksmith

The most common call out we receive as a local locksmiths in Atlanta is for a home lockout. It doesn’t matter the time of day our reliable locksmith service is a specialist in emergency services, like lockout from the home, office or car. Our emergency locksmith can be on site promptly and have you back inside your house with no hassle. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house with a particularly ancient security system, not up to the standard of today's thieves. Locksmith Atlanta has friendly locksmiths that can give you comprehensive advice on repairing or upgrading the locks throughout your home, and we stock a wide range of options to choose from. Locksmith Atlanta can complete the lock repair or do a full lock installation at a scheduled time that is convenient to you. If you wish to have key lockable windows or outer doors. We can develop a master key system so you can reduce the total number of house keys you possess, and reduce the ensuing headache of trying to find the correct key for each window or door. If you’ve broken a key in a door, you will remember the frustration well. We sympathize and can send our fully mobile locksmith technicians to your door quickly, to expertly remove the broken key from the door and even cut a replacement key so you’ll suffer minimal disturbance. Give our professional locksmith, Locksmith Atlanta GA a call today to book in your residential locksmith services.

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Automotive Locksmith

Lockout services are a frequently requested automotive locksmith services. It’s all too easy to get complacent and lock your car keys inside the car or loose your car keys entirely. It’s ok though, our emergency service has you covered. Locksmith Atlanta operate a 24 hour, mobile locksmith service, we will manage the replacement car keys and get you back in front of the steering wheel. Locksmith Atlanta provide a professional locksmith service and offer a skilled emergency locksmith service that will ensure no damage occurs to your car in the process on door unlocking. We often see car ignition problems. The car ignition switch is responsible for turning on all electronic systems in your car and there can be a range of symptoms, so if there’s a problem it can be confusing to pin point the exact solution. However, our professional locksmith service can rectify these ignition switch problems. At Locksmith Atlanta we’ve got your car key replacement and duplication covered. For all automotive lock and key problems, we are the front-runner locksmith service in Atlanta GA.

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Commercial Locksmith

Here at Locksmith Atlanta our commercial locksmith can do everything a residential locksmith can do, but will take into consideration the differing demands of your busy workplace. Business closure for even a couple of days, regardless of the cause, can add significant financial pressure. We aim to limit interruption to your company during business hours, as such our commercial locksmith services can be carried out 24 hours a day. In addition, we are offering fully mobile locksmith services. Your service request doesn’t have to qualify as a specific emergency service, whether it’s a lockout service request, lock repair or something less urgent all jobs can be scheduled for any time that suits you. No job is too big or small for this locksmith in Atlanta, Georgia. Our professional locksmith business can develop a sophisticated system of master keys for all your staff, without lowering the overall security standard of the office space. It’s also possible for us to rekey or install new locks to your place of business if there’s been a breach in security or if they’re simply due for an upgrade. Locksmith Atlanta is a local locksmith in Atlanta GA - not a massive enterprise, so you can be assured a reliable locksmith service that you can return to time and time again

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Emergency Locksmith

At Locksmith Atlanta we receive many requests for emergency services. These are almost always an emergency lockout services for a vehicle, home or office. However, a lock repair could be required whether there has been a break in or just an accident, and our emergency locksmith services are available 24 hours a day. These things happen, but we have you covered with our fully mobile locksmith services. Give our reliable locksmith service a call with all your lock and key related concerns.

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About Locksmith Atlanta

While electronic security systems are becoming more and more popular. However, we firmly stand by traditional key locks. We stock the widest range of different types of key locks, including pin-tumbler locks, deadbolt locks, spring latch locks and even simple padlocks. These different key locks range in level of security provided, but Locksmith Atlanta can advise on the best type of key locks for your premises.

Locksmith Atlanta, your local locksmith ready to be of assistance, day or night. Our professional service of locksmith in Atlanta GA is a fully mobile locksmith, available 24 hours a day, that means we come to you. If an emergency service or lockout service is what you require, we’ll be at your door as quick as a flash.

Our services don’t end at emergency lockouts though, we have the full suite of locksmith services, including a residential locksmith, commercial locksmith and auto locksmith. Over 70% of burglaries occur through a door and lock being forced open. If you happen to be

unfortunate enough to have this happen, one of our emergency locksmiths can be on the spot to get the lock repair done, and door secured so you can rest easy once more. Or perhaps it’s not an emergency, Locksmith Atlanta can also do key duplication, replacement, total lock installation and offer advice on a comprehensive security upgrade for your property whether it’s residential or commercial. We also offer all the usual car locksmith services, including an emergency lockout service, car key replacement and remote programming.

Not only is Locksmith Atlanta a professional locksmith, we’re a local locksmith. A reliable locksmith. A trusted locksmith. We are fully insured and offer competitive rates with a friendly smile. We go above and beyond to make sure you get the locksmith assistance you desire.


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